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Welcome to McNamara’s Pit Bull Kennels where we have 30 years of pit bull breeding experience and produce the finest pitbull puppies for sale. We also have 41 years of dog obedience training experience. We strongly believe every dog should be well trained; as a result highly trainable dogs are part of our selective breeding standards.

Pit Bull Puppies

At McNamara’s Pit Bull Kennels, we breed our puppies with the in-depth knowledge we have gained through 30 years of studying the various Pit Bull bloodlines, their personality types and physical attributes along with 30 years of solid hands on pit bull puppy breeder experience; We feel that it is our duty and obligation to bring to the world the finest of the finest American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies ever produced. Our dogs are extremely affectionate companions and make great family and protection dogs. Their athletic ability is absolutely mind blowing and their extreme intelligence allows them to think and understand. When considering the responsibility a dog has in the home with your family, friends, and children we have nothing but the highest selective breeding standards for our pit bull puppies with regards to their mental stability and temperament. Anything less is not an option.

Red Nose Pit Bulls, Brindle Pit Bull Dogsred pit bull

We have Red Nose Pit bull, some of them are a brindle and some come in a solid color and some are pied. We have Brindle Pit Bulls, (striped like a tiger) that come in a variety of colors from black to fawn to red pit bulls. We have Black Pit Bulls; a few come out solid but most will have a bit of white. We have Red PitBulls, which come in a light red all the way to dark red. We also have Fawn Pit bulls, Chocolate colored pups and White pups and many different colors. But our real focus of our Pit bull Breeders program is the outstanding qualities of how our dogs think and how our dogs perform. Unfortunately, these qualities are often overlooked by the Pit bull breeder that is breeding dogs for a particular “look.”

Pit Bull Breeder of intelligent performance dogs.

Our dogs’ performance is second to none. Their outstanding athletic performance can only be achieved due to their incredible body structure, amazing strength, and agility. They have deep chests that give them incredible wind and stamina, they can run (or swim) for hours "Zeus" the PitBull Climbs a Tree to Fetch His Stickand have the courage and enthusiasm to do so. Our dogs make great companions for practicing marathon runners, joggers, and extreme athletes to campers, hikers and just about any outdoor active person. Our pitbulls have the athletic bodies to do many incredible athletic feats but these things would never be accomplished if they did not have the intelligent forethought and courage to do so. We are the pit bull breeder whose dogs have the ability to Think and understand making them very trainable and sociable with extreme love and devotion to their families and an eagerness to please their master. Along with their thought processes is a deep courage that is Annie the Pit Bull Climbs Jungle Gym extremely rare and very few dogs possess. Our dogs’ are breed with  courage, intelligence, train-ability and an athletic performance that  absolutely defies most people’s concept of what a dog can do.




Pit Bull Bloodline, Champion Pedigree,

Zeus Jumping a Six Ft. Fence

We started with the best of the best Pit Bull BloodlineBoudreaux, CarverGarner, HeinzlPatrick, Davis, and other PitBull Bloodlines that have been time tested for decades and proven for many generations to produce top quality dogs. Our pitbull dogs have a historical PitBull Bloodline and Champion Pedigree that are loaded with champions featuring Chinaman, Jeep, Frisco, Grunt, Bullyson, Zeus, Snooty, Boomerang, Eli, Indian Bolio, Dibo, Jimmy Boots, Midnight Cowboy, Bloody Sunday, Pistol, and much more purebred pits. Equally impressive is the positioning and frequency in which these great dogs appear in the pedigrees. Many people say when looking at our PitBull Bloodline and champion studded pedigree “they’re all here!” referring to all the predominate pit bull dog champions that are in our Pit Bull Bloodline. Of course, these are people who have been pit bull enthusiast for years and know what they are looking for when it comes to a pit bull’s pedigree. Our dogs champion studded pedigree can be traced back to the very beginning when breedings where first documented. This is the purest of purebred Pit Bull bloodline that you will ever find.