As experienced pitbull breeders we have seen a lot of breeding of two pitbull dogs and the outcome of that breeding. We have seen what traits rose to the surface in pitbull puppies and which traits where dormant. We have seen various traits in pit pups and how these traits developed in an adult dog. In our experience we have learned what type of dog and it genetic background would be best to breed with another dog and its particular traits and genetic background to produce a desired result. The most important things to breed for in a high performance dog like our pitbulls are the way they think and the way they perform. To be a beneficiary of our 30 years of pitbull breeder experience, check out our Kennels pitbull puppies for sale page to see the puppies we have for sale.

PitBull Breeders of Mentally Stable Dogs.

A top priority of McNamara’s PitBull Kennels selective breeding standards is of mental stability and great temperament. Dogs have a responsibility in the home around your family friends and children. You need a dog that is trustworthy. Mentally stability and great temperament are very important when it comes to a dog that has such incredible athletic ability and formability. If a dog is not stable with a good temperament this could lead to problems; such a dog it is not worth having and should be put down.

Breeding for Trainable Dogs

Having a dog that is easy to train will make having the dog an absolute joy.We breed for intelligence and trainability. There are dogs out there that are intelligent that does not mean that they are trainable. In the past we have had dogs that where as smart and as clever as a dog could get. As smart as some of these dogs where they would not listen very well or respond to commands very well even though they knew what you wanted. Dogs like this could lead to trouble or at least will be a serious pain to deal with. So, as part of our selective breeding standards for our pitbull bloodline; trainability and an undying eagerness to please their master are qualities that we think are crucial to breed for and to have in a dog. A trained and obedient dog is a happy dog and will make life so much easier for the dog’s owner. (Keep in mind, We have been doing this for many years!) Our dogs are highly trainable and eager to please their master and worth much more than what you pay for.

Socializing Your Dog

Socializing your dog is important. Trainable dogs are easier to socialize. When a dog is trained he knows what you expect from him. He knows what he is allowed to do and not allowed to do. When he knows that it is unacceptable behavior to chase the cat (something very instinctive to dogs) he won’t chase the cat, and thus this will turn into a habit or a good behavior for the dog.

Breeding Courageous PitBulls

A very rare trait, our dogs have a very deep courage that gives them that can do mindset and a relentless drive to get the job done, be it what ever task you give them. Pitbulls are probably the only dog that posses courage at this level and still not all pitbulls have the deep courage that our dogs posses. This deep courage is a recessive trait that is difficult to breed for, but with our years of breeding experience we know how to do this, and we do it well. Our dogs have such a deep bred courage that they would sacrifice their lives to protect their families and their masters where as other dogs would run off yelping with their tail between their legs.

Offspring of our Affectionate Pits

The offspring of our pits are the most affectionate creatures. They will always want to cuddle or climb into your lap if you let them they; adult dogs are too big for this but they will try anyway. They will want to sleep in bed with you at night; this is great for cold nights. They don’t like to be alone for to long and they always want to be in close proximity to their masters and always want to keep their master in their sight which really adds to their responsibility to their master. They love affection in return they loved to be touched and petted.

Dogs Bred for Eagerness To Please Master

An intense passion and eagerness to please their master is a quality that we breed for and a big help when it comes to training your dog. They want to make you happy this is part of the responsibility and love they have to their master. With a dog that wants to please his master along with the courage and “can do attitude” they make the ultimate dog. You and your dog will develop a mind link like best friends do. It is almost as if your dog can read your mind. In many instances your dog will instantly know what you want without you saying a word as if there is a telepathic link and some people believe there is.

PitBulls Bred for Athletic Ability

Climbing a tree to fetch his stick, not only does this take increadable athletic ability but he also had to be smart enough to know which branch to climb on next to get his stick. A tree limb Maze!

We breed pitbulls that have extreme athletic ability. They are very strong agile and coordinated. They have deep lungs that give them incredible wind and incredible stamina. Our dogs can run or swim for hours. They love to swim; in the water and under the water. Several of our dogs would swim under the water like a muskrat to retrieve a submerged toy of theirs. Our dog Juno use to love to swim in the ocean surf. She learned to body surf by herself, No Joke! This dog would body surf back into the beach. (She was harnessed with a long lead to keep any undertow from taking her too far out and because of a leash law) “Zeus” McNamara would climb trees to fetch his toy not only was he climbing the tree but he also had to figure out which branch to climb onto next to get to his stick, sort of like a tree limb maze. These dogs are great for the outdoors type or athletic type person. They will make a great companion that can keep up with you as you go through your adventures.

Protection Dog Breeder

Our dogs are extremely formidable K9’s and they excel in the protection department. Protection of your family, friends, children and your property is a big concern for most people these days. Our dogs are socialized and are very well behaved around people outside the family; however, if someone or something where to show aggression towards master of one our dogs, this dog will certainly step in to intervene. This is something they don’t have to be trained to do it comes naturally due to the love and devotion to their master. We breed our dogs to have the common sense to know what is right and what is wrong. Some of our dogs have been trained for guard dog duty. And when it comes to training our dogs for guard dog duty, with our pitbulls athletic ability,formidability and courage, you will have some intense heavy duty firepower on your side. Check out our pitbull puppies for sale for current litters.