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“Popularity Kills A Breed”


When everyone and his brother, and his brother’s neighbor breeds anything, this can only result in a negative impact to that being bred. This kind of casual breeding has impacted many breeds. The “Pit Bull”, Doberman, German shepherd, St. Bernard to name a few, have all suffered from this type of breeding. For whatever reason, “TV., movies….” A breed may have the lime light for a time, and because of their popularity many people buy them. (This of course is a good thing. Here in the U.S.A. we can have any dog we want.) All these owners may be great responsible people who love and care for their dogs very well. However there is much more to breeding that being a responsible owner. I have witnessed a number of exchanges that go something like this; “Hello, how are you. I noticed your dog. It’s a beautiful St. Bernard. Is it male or female? Male! Whew, does he still have his nuts? That’s great! I have a female. Lets breed them, I know people that want pups.” It’s a wonderful thing to have a litter of puppies, especially from your own dog or dogs. But, there are many people breeding animals that have no business doing so. Their primary motive to breed is to make money. They may not know, understand or even care anything about the standards of the breed. Conformation, performance, how the breed should act or “think”, these are all major issues, and worthy of much study. I would not say that “casual Breeders” are not concerned with the quality of their pups, but when people are willing to breed ANY male and ANY female, the quality of the pups, (and breed) WILL suffer. A good number of people know a St. Bernard as a “large, brown and white, hairy, slobbery, good natured dog. They have no clue about the standards; conformation, movement, intelligence, attitude, function, and abilities of the breed. They only think, male and female equals puppies equals money. Recipients of these “thoughtfully bred pups” do the same thing, and breed their dogs. It goes on and on. There are many generations of COMPOUNDED errors that make up too many breeds today. Genetics is a funny thing. The paper work, (blood lines) of a male and female may be excellent, and you are sure the breeding will produce pups of the highest caliber. You do everything right, everything well, and the pups could be a nightmare. I know of big name breeders, through much forethought, research and planning bred excellent dogs. The pups were sold for thousands of dollars each, before they were born. Everyone involved with these breedings were very excited. The pups were born, and raised, and a total disappointment. I personally have bred dogs from my yard that I knew completely. They were most excellent “Pit Bulls”, in every way they can be measured. Exactly the hard hitting fire power I want by my side, and in the house with my wife and kids. These dogs were bred with other dogs in the past with excellent results. However, when bred together, it was a disaster. The pups were obviously nasty and mean. Dealing with an obvious problem is not so difficult. It is easy to see, and any responsible breeder will take care of it. Sometimes problems are not so obvious. When bad attitudes are subtle in a pup they will be over looked by the inexperienced eye. Only to be manifest in a mature dog that NEVER should have left the breeders yard. There are many problems that would be alleviated if experience, wisdom, knowledge, and very high standards are exercised, and enforced. This creates what I believe is the largest problem for the “casual breeder.” Or maybe I should say, their customers. When a “breeder” does not know what to look for, he will only achieve it by accident. When there are problems with pups, subtle or obvious, they can not be addressed unless you understand what you are seeing. To complicate things, in every breed there are idiots breeding dogs that should have been put down. Show quality dogs are a beautiful thing. I do admire well bred dogs. It takes much forethought, planning, knowledge, effort, money….. to breed dogs that win in shows. These breeders know what they are doing, are committed, and are very good at what they do. I highly respect that. But, the show is not my focus. In my opinion the “show” places too much emphasis on how a dog should “look”, when the preeminent qualities and importance of a dog is how they think and perform. I absolutely adore extreme K-9 athleticism, intelligence and attitude, off leash and under control. Dogs of this caliber are most difficult to obtain, but the rewards far out weigh the effort. The qualities of extreme intelligence, athleticism, and excellent attitude are elusive, and often evade even the best of breeders. Proper attitude is often the last quality to be identified. For instance, all St. Bernard puppies are cute, cuddly, beautiful…… It’s when they are grown; big, and strong that bad attitude may reveal itself. In small breeds bad attitude can be a nuisance, even a liability, but with larger breeds it can be dangerous. Again recognizing problems, temperament or other wise, in pups, is most important, and completely reliant on the ability to do so. Anyone interested in owning a dog, no matter what the breed, please make a real effort to research, and FIND reputable breeders. The friendship, joy and satisfaction of owning a well bred dog will far out weigh the experience. Concerning the “Pit Bull”, most people, at least in my experience, think they are mean vicious killers. These qualities are cowardly, and have no part in a well bred “Pit Bull”. There has been so much casual, indiscriminately, irresponsible breeding with the “Pit Bull”, “most people” have never seen a real “Pit Bull”; Only the manifestation of generations of compounded errors. A True “Pit Bull” is the most courageous, loving, kind, athletic, intelligent, playful, FUN, companion, guardian, and friend in the world of K-9's. They are worthy of the same awesome love, and devotion they are hard-wired to permeate. I have “Great” “Pit Bulls”. The result of over 30 years of a relentless pursuit to have the finest K-9's the world can produce. Coupled with great sacrifice, money, and effort to “push the envelope”, and move the breed to a higher standard. As much as I would love everyone to experience the awesome abilities, love, and devotion of a real “Pit Bull”, it breaks my heart to know, “Popularity Kills A Breed”.            Brian

Brent Volckmann
September 29, 2012 at 3:07 pm
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Gilbert Bleattler
June 5, 2012 at 6:25 am
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David Chin
March 26, 2012 at 1:11 am
Hi Brian, After viewing your site and spoke over the phone with you. I found you are the few in the pure Pit bull breeders. Pit bulls has been giving a bad name from most of the people across, TV and news since I have my first Pit bull in the early 80s. The undesirable fools found the Pit bulls super ability train the Pit bull to fight,betting , be agressive and be the Negative dogs. The same undesirable fools breed the Pit bulls to be bigger an muscle bound. Most other breeder is for the money only They sell what the public wants and have no knowledge of breeding at all.
I will keep in contact with you for my 4th Pit bull. David from NY not NYC.

Christopher Barton
December 27, 2011 at 2:19 am
Hey Brian,
We just spoke and I have to say that I like your article a lot. All of the misconceptions of the American Pit bull and wrongful handling of them has given them a bad reputation.They still hold a great reputation to the people who understand and respect the breed. I really believe that people have stereotyped the breed because of bad owners, errors, and irresponsible behaviors due to the negligence of improper owners.I respect what you have kept true and alive and I am overly excited to purchase a purebred pup from your kennel.I also wanted to thank you for answering my phone call and taking the time to speak with me about this. I look forward to hearing back from you and wish you and your family a happy new year!
with regards,
Christopher Barton


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  • John Meeks

    Reply Reply October 31, 2015

    You can always tell a “trustworthy breeder”of real apbt if you just listen for a few minutes.the so called top breeders will talk about how big their apbt is,large head,built like a bull,stocky,etc. most don’t know how a apbt should look(male 45-60lbs,females 35-55lbs) and know very little about bloodlines that run back for years.they just breed for the money!! I don’t know nor have I spoken to McNamara kennels yet,but I know he has good knowledge about the apbt and bloodlines just by his comments on his web page. A rare these days!! We need more breeders like this who is interested in quality dogs and responsible owners instead of breeding their dogs just for money every time the bitch comes in heat. John Meeks zephyrhills,florida

  • Nelio

    Reply Reply December 10, 2015

    . but when did it become gulity before proven innocent? i totally agree, the dogs didn’t mean to do what they did, they did it to get love they thought that if they did this maybe they can get some love (i’m talking about the dog fight dogs.) when did it ever, EVER! become okay to kill a dog because it was a pit bull? you know a long time ago the pit bull was thought of to be the best dog any one could have? but then some day after a person decided that the pit bull wasn’t a good dog that the dog was horrible! and ever since the breed has been put on the death list? if pit bulls never existed, you know we’d all be saying that a dog like the rottwelier was horrible and needed to be put down like some are saying about pit bulls for once people GIVE THE PIT BULLS A CHANCE AT LOVE AND TO PROVE THAT THEY CAN LIVE A LIFE LIKE THE GOLDEN RETIVER OR THE YELLOW LAB HAS!

  • Kevin & Diane Unthank

    Reply Reply January 2, 2016

    28 years ago we owned a Boudreaux bloodline pit named Meathead. Our children grew up with Meathead as their guardian. Recently, our love for a little black pit was rekindled, we decided to seek a Meathead Jr. Our search brought us to McNamara kennels and Brian McNamara. Brian’s extensive knowledge of Pitbulls and the breed in general eased any concerns we harbored about finding the specific kind of pit we were looking for. Sure enough, after steady communication a short time later we were delivered the perfect pup. Meathead Jr is a magnificent specimen of a well bred Pitbull puppy. His combination of strength, intelligence, aggressiveness and loving nature are second to none. Brian personally made sure we received the RIGHT pup. Delivery arrangements and whole experience was first class.

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